Author: Tom Leeper

3 Key Insights When Considering a Project RPO Solution

Many employers start their RPO journey with a project-type engagement. This allows them to test the value of the RPO model on a smaller scope of work with the assumption that it can/will expand into other TA needs. For first-time RPO buyers, project engagements is common and quite logical. And there are many different types of Project RPO models to support the various needs a company may have: 

•Time bound engagements to fill certain roles that are either seasonal or event-based (and not ongoing needs throughout the year).

•LOB-specific engagements to either take on difficult TA challenges within a certain hard-to-fill job profile or geography -OR- other time/resource intensive TA challenges so that internal TA can focus more on the hard-to-fill needs.

•On-demand engagements that provide TA resources to fulfill overflow of requisitions. ...  read more

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