Talent AI™ Data Analytics

Seven Step's proprietary Talent AI™ Data Analytics solution is designed to efficiently manage recruiting workflows for global enterprise organizations. Our advanced platform aggregates data from every HR system to break down silos and provide a complete picture of your talent acquisition program in the past, present, and future.

Talent AI™ Dashboard

Talent AI is truly “Actionable Intelligence” providing Talent Acquisition and Human Resources leaders with what they really want:

  • Control: More accurate forecasting and workforce planning.
  • Credibility: Knowing not just "what and when" something will happen, but why.
  • Partnerships: Stronger relationships with TA/HR, Hiring Managers, and recruitment delivery teams.
  • Insight: Better informed business decisions.

Talent AI Benefits

  • Track, monitor, and report on the progress of all requisitions in real time.
  • Monitor candidates or jobs approaching aged status.
  • Determine the ROI of each candidate source.
  • Identify behaviors (such as hiring manager feedback time) that are slowing down Time-to-Fill or leading to the loss of candidates.
  • Share the hiring process timeline across your organization to help business leaders plan better.
  • Know when and where the applicant flow is not sufficient.
  • Prioritize which requisitions and workflow steps need attention.
  • Identify performance spikes.

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