White Papers

  • Four Impossible Hiring Scenarios and How to Beat Them

    Don't let impossible hiring situations derail your organization from hiring the right talent.

    In this detailed eBook, you'll learn how to solve four common hiring challenges that will directly benefit your organization.

    We help you solve these impossible hiring scenarios:
    • Salary budget is below market
    • Brand recognition fails to attract the right talent
    • Location is undesirable
    • Lack of talent pipeline
  • Four Mistakes That Talent Acquisition Departments Make That Drive Thousands of Candidates Away

    If your talent acquisition department needs to attract more applicants, it may be time to rethink your strategy

    We’re constantly talking to candidates to better understand ways that organizations can attract more qualified job applicants. We surveyed over 2,000 candidates to learn their preferences and behaviors during the application process. The results indicate four mistakes that many organizations make.

    Includes valuable insight:
    • Four common mistakes that organizations make and how to fix them
    • How to increase candidate engagement
    • How to improve the application process
  • The 2013 Fortune 100 Talent Acquisition Report

    See how your company stacks up.

    We researched the Fortune 100 to learn how top companies are managing a rapidly-changing hiring environment. We found a mixed bag, with both best practices and a few clear shortcomings.

    Includes valuable benchmarking data on:
    • Career website optimization
    • Social recruiting
    • Candidate job sharing
    • Mobile recruitment capability

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