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A Contingent Workforce Checklist: Priorities for Unlocking New Potential

The following checklist explores practical answers through statements that speak to the fundamentals for a successful contingent workforce..

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The Talent Economy: Cracking the Code on Hard-to-Fill Jobs Podcast

In this podcast, Sevenstep president Amy Bush speaks with Elliot Clark, CEO of SharedXpertise and publisher of HRO Today about the challenges of securing talent in an uncertain market.

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Talent Acquisition: Checklist for the Path Forward

Workforce strategy fundamentals that can help companies prioritize a path to more effective talent acquisition.

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HRO Today Flash Report Talent Acquisition Function in Need of Help

A recent HRO Today “Flash Report,” sponsored by Sevenstep, surveyed HR and business decision makers about their near and long-term expectations for the talent acquisition (TA) function.

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Roundup July August 2022

The market Roundup highlights the persistent and emerging challenges of today's changing workforce landscape.

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