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If your company has complex hiring needs, Seven Step RPO can make the process a whole lot easier. Our custom recruiting solutions are flat-out effective against a range of large, complex hiring challenges. Ask our clients: Seven Step can help you get ahead of talent acquisition.

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We help companies with unique hiring needs fill jobs more effectively than they ever have before.

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From Our Blog:

Seven Step RPO Announces Acquisition of UK-based RPO Provider BlueGlue

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Boston, September 16, 2014 -- Seven Step RPO today announced it has acquired BlueGlue, a leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider in the United Kingdom.

Founded in 2005, BlueGlue provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions to fast-growing organizations in the United Kingdom. It helps organizations achieve their most challenging hiring goals by providing them with exceptional talent for their hard-to-fill jobs....  read more

Seven Step RPO Ranked #3 on HRO Today's Annual Baker's Dozen of Leading Enterprise Providers for Recruiting Services and Customer Satisfaction

Seven Step RPO, a leading global provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services, today announced that HRO Today has ranked the company as the #3 Enterprise RPO provider on its 2014 RPO Baker's Dozen list. Seven Step RPO was also ranked #3 in the Quality of Service category, #4 in the Healthcare Market Leaders category, #8 in the Breadth of Service category, and #8 in the Size of Deals category....  read more

What’s Hiding Behind Your Time-to-Fill Metric?

Every single company measures time-to-fill. Any talent acquisition leader worth her salt will be able to tell you her organization’s average. But while this metric is crucial to quarterly reviews and remains the number one speed metric, there a few things that it may be hiding behind its glossy cover.

Before I dive in, let me just prefix it with this: metrics matter. But they only matter when the data they give you is tied to business strategy. So why do we measure time-to-fill at all? Most organizations do so because it tells them how well their hiring process is performing, right? That’s right. It’s also what’s wrong. Because there are two things that usually get missed and these two things have the power to really drive better hiring performance. What are they? Business context and distribution....  read more

Listening and Caring: The Essential Elements for a Successful Business Relationship

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As Executive Vice President at Seven Step RPO, I have long held the philosophy that establishing and nurturing relationships with clients is one of the most important aspects of my role. You can have the best technology, products and services, but if you don’t build relationships with your customers, your success won’t last long. 

I recently met with a client that we’ve been working with for about a year. They had been using another RPO provider prior to us and unfortunately, had had a negative experience. Before they hired us, our President, Paul Harty, and I had spent a year communicating and meeting with them numerous times—building a relationship. Meeting with them, in and of itself, wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was the fact that when we met with them this last time, there was no agenda. No challenge to solve, nothing to sell, no reports to provide. ...  read more

Why You Can’t Afford Not to Hire College Graduates

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College. Just the word conjures up memories of the four ‘p’s: parties, professors, Pop-Tarts and pizza. However, there’s two more ‘p’s that every college student thinks about: their potential paycheck. Hiring managers can often crush those dreams as sometimes, they are not interested in hiring these recent grads. Many hiring managers only want to deal with people who have experience. Combine that with how recent college grads can often be lost in the job application process, and things can get a bit messy. Strategic Director Krista Williams discusses on HR Daily Advisor some of the reasons why hiring college graduates is not only a good move, but why companies and experienced employees can benefit from working with them.   

HR Daily Advisor: I have been working with college students … well, since I was in college. In most, if not all, of my positions I have had the fortune of working with interns, new graduates, placement offices, faculty, and students. My support has not only been to assist in job placement but also to support the transition of students from the life of ramen noodles and 10 a.m. classes to meeting the demands of a completely connected work environment with high expectations. 

I enjoy the aspect of the students being full of life, holding huge aspirations, and having absolutely no idea how to get where they are trying to go. I have partnered with placement offices at several colleges and managed college hiring programs for several organizations. Over the years, some things have changed and some things haven’t at all....  read more

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