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If your company has complex hiring needs, Seven Step RPO can make the process a whole lot easier. Our custom recruiting solutions are flat-out effective against a range of large, complex hiring challenges. Ask our clients: Seven Step can help you get ahead of talent acquisition.

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From Our Blog:

How Recruiters Can Create Successful Partnerships With Hiring Managers

Microsoft and Apple. The Celtics and the Lakers. Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. Recruiters and Hiring Mangers. These are some of the biggest rivalries the world has ever known. In the first two cases, they didn’t have a choice. However, with the latter two, things could have been prevented. And with the case of recruiters and hiring managers, things can be turned around and improved for the better. What would be the best way to go about that? Strategic Director Emily Gordon discusses how recruiters and hiring managers can get along, and how it benefits them both, businesses, and potential hires, as featured in ERE.net. 

ERE.net: Recruiters and hiring managers’ shared goal is to fill positions with top talent. So why do they often end up frustrated with each other? Most often, it’s because hiring managers and recruiters have different perspectives and approaches when it comes to hiring....  read more

Talent Communities

In certain industries, it’s a fact of life that there are people who stay within the field their entire career. In every industry, managing expenses and costs is one of the top priorities no matter what your position is or what department you are in. So how does this impact HR managers who are looking for talent within different communities? Social Media Manager Erin Bazinet has identified three ‘R’s to apply to talent communities in order to connect with candidates and to improve hiring searches, including reducing costs, reusing talent, and recycling prior applicants. 

HRO Today: Talent communities are an essential component of today’s social recruiter’s game plan. Not only do they provide‚Ä®a warm, inviting place for recruiters to connect and communicate with candidates, but they also facilitate crowd sourcing high-quality candidates. Just so we are all on the same page: Talent communities differ from career sites in their dynamic interactivity and their focus on building relationships between the recruiter and candidate.

You can think of it this way: Career sites are an entry point for people to be introduced to your employment brand, get to know the basics about your company, apply to a job, and be invited to join your talent community. Your talent community is where you build relationships with community members, share valuable content, and engage people to stay involved with your brand. Career sites and talent communities are both necessary and valuable in the recruitment process....  read more

Recruiting: Take care not to overlook the quiet candidates

When it comes to relationships, the old adage has always been ‘opposites attract’, but do they in the work place? How do the creative and financial departments work together? What about morning people and night owls? Do extroverts work well with introverts? Some hiring managers would theorize that an effective hire is someone who is willing to speak up, say their mind, and represent the extroverts all over the world. However, smart hiring managers recognize that there is a need to hire both extroverts and introverts. Strategic Director Krista Williams, a noted extrovert, discusses the benefits of hiring introverts, and how they help balance teams, as featured in HR Morning. 

HR Morning:  I am an extrovert. I ask questions. I share experiences. I am usually the loudest voice in the room even when I try to sit on my hands (I am Italian) and not speak. I’m like a bottle of champagne trying not to pop my cork. I can start a conversation with anyone and figure out a sustainable topic that we can chat about for an extended, almost ridiculous, period of time....  read more

Information Driving RPO Growth Plans in 2014

Believe it or not, the year is already halfway over. Some can interpret that this means that this year’s trends are already fleshed out and determined, so we should just sit back and watch them take shape. However, that’s not always the case. RPO, for example, is a very fluid trending topic, which means that trends either get formed later on than other industries, and/or they are always changing.

Information Service Group (ISG), a leading technology insights, market intelligence and advisory company has written an article based around the five trends driving RPO growth plans in 2014. Seven Step RPO was one of a few RPO companies who provided their insights and expertise in addition to discussing the industry trends of 2014, including the importance of the following:

1.       Strategies to attract talent reflect a significant competitive opportunity for RPO providers.

2.       Globalizing and centralizing RPO models is critical to growth.

3.       Specializing in an industry answers client needs.

4.       Clients accelerate adoption of talent acquisition technology.

5.       Blended RPO is gaining interest. 

You can read more specific details and a more thorough overview of each point, including Seven Step RPO’s thoughts on highlighting employment branding or employee value proposition on ISG: Trends Driving RPO Growth Plans in 2014.  ...  read more

How to Stay Invigorated in a High Energy Career

If you’re like many professionals in a high-energy career, you love what you do. Work isn’t work, it’s play. When you’re working, you’re at your very best. You enjoy your team, get high off the challenges you tackle, and live for those wins. But, if you’re like most, you also run into a constant battle for attention among work, family, and your personal life. After all, they all need you. So how do you find balance and stay invigorated? ...  read more

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