Approach Overview

Seven Step’s custom recruitment solutions help talent acquisition get ahead of the hiring challenges they have today (and could have tomorrow). We're passionate about doing whatever it takes to influence our clients’ businesses for the better, measurably and for the long-term.

Recruitment in Our DNA

We started Seven Step after over two decades’ working in traditional contingency recruiting. That’s important. We do things differently here because there’s more “recruiting” than “outsourcing” in our DNA. Performance is our top priority. Agency recruiting for hard-to-fill positions in High Tech taught us to treat hiring success as a matter of business survival. That thirst for performance still runs through everything we do.

Impressive Process Discipline

Seven Step's recruitment process is well-tested and has proven effective in a variety of recruitment contexts. The Seven Step process is structured enough to ensure a high level of performance, but flexible enough to react to the clients' changing needs.

This procedural discipline and rigor is supported by a true recruitment culture that is professional, energetic, and collaborative. Our teams are passionate about problem-solving and innovation. They're trained professionals who work like mad to deliver ever-improving hiring results for their clients.

All About the Data

We’re fanatics about understanding and sharing analytical insights. We keep measurement and every-day optimization front-and-center in everything we do. We get ahead – all of us – by being the best at what we do, for our clients both objectively and measurably. It’s how we make a positive and lasting impact on our clients’ businesses.

We also believe it's important to paint a full, accurate picture of our performance for our clients. We provide regular reporting in every project. Clients have told us that the increased availability of recruitment performance data is one of the best things about working with Seven Step.

Dedicated Recruitment Teams

Seven Step recruiters, coordinators and sourcers work together in collaborative teams of specialists. Each team is dedicated solely to a single client’s hiring objectives. The teams receive regular in-depth training in that client’s culture, market dynamics, and brand imperatives.

Seven Step' teams represent their clients with pride and professionalism. They're eager to succeed on their clients' behalf. They deliver measurable business results that far outstrip what most talent acquisition professionals think an RPO can accomplish.

Seven Step RPO is part of the Motion Recruitment Partners LLC family of innovative recruitment companies